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Monem Innovative Trade Company (MIT-Co)

Monem Innovative Trade Company (MIT-Co)

Inheriting nearly one century of trade experience (since 1931) from our ancestors in Esfahan, central Iran, in distributing a variety of steel products and constructional profiles, MIT-Co has expanded its activities from the building constructing and equipment supply to innovating of the green intelligent buildings.

Benefiting from the precious experiences gained through academic education in the United Kingdom for 5 years, this company has entered in the field of export management of knowledge-based products and services. Hence, the Center Accredited for Exports (CAFEXPORTS) was founded in 2020 with aim of entering the global markets.

Our aim is market researching for the innovative products and evaluating the knowledge-based enterprises to introduce them to the neighboring countries at the first stage and the developed countries at the next stage. Therefore, better economical situations could be created and the capabilities of Iranian creative youths would be presented to the other nations.

Our mission is to identify and present the novel products in order to have more dynamic and healthier life for our society and nations around the world.

About the founder of CAFEXPORTS

Since his birth in 1988 and being grown up in the cultural capital of Iran, Esfahan, Emad had always the passion of exploring the world. He was among the talented students in outstanding educational institutions. Although all of his studies was in mechanical engineering, but he has been interested in business and management. During his bachelor, Emad had several internships in the local EPC and manufacturing companies within steel industry. He had cooperation with domestic car producer during his masters and then, he was admitted by Brunel University London for studying PhD. After leading an industrial project for VN-Automotive Ltd. in UK, Emad joined the Engine Research Group at University of Nottingham in 2017. He has several technical journal papers and has presented in various international conferences. Once, he finished his PhD in 2018, Emad started lecturing mechanical engineering at Blackpool College, UK. After 5 years that he was greatly committed to enhance his expertise in engineering, he decided to return to his homeland to take advantage of his experiences in favor of his compatriots. 

The idea of CAFEXPORTS comes from his travels. As a person who has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world, Emad has had the dream of getting familiar with the culture and customs of different nations. This has helped him to build a rich worldwide network of contacts with various capabilities which allows to bridge the gaps between nations and make the world a better place to live.

For more info about the founder and CEO of CAFEXPORTS, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

Emad Monemian_personal photo
Dr Emad Monemian, founder and CEO