Export Products

Our target industries and export products are classified into these sections:

  1. Technological: any exportable knowledge-based products and services
  2. Constructional: building stone, ceramic tiles, steel profiles, wires and cables
  3. Petrochemical: Vaseline, paraffin, petroleum jelly, plastic and PET
  4. Herbal and cosmetics: Spirulina algae, vegetable oil
  5. Handicrafts: carpets, wood cravings, precious stones

For instance, some of products of our current clients are as follow:

  1. IPMP (Idea varzan Project Management Package, cloud-based) 
  2. SOKAN (Customers data analyzer platform, cloud-based)
  3. SAAT Stone (marble, travertine, granite, onyx)
  4. CafeSabz cosmetics (based on spirulina algae)